A fair goodbye

12/15/2011 - 02/13/2014

Hello, ... hello how else can I start this? This is probably the most painful thing I've had to do but I am closing down HMSEF.

HMSEF was the best 3 years of my life so far, why? It's made me the person I am today, While I have to thank my members so much for just being kickass I have to thank the haters even more. I started when I was 16 not knowing jack shit about hosting a website, coding or anything. Now I hold 3 Certifications CompTIA Security+, Net+, A+ and can code in php and java. I have to say without HMSEF I wouldn't have them or even be interested in cyber security.

I went from hosting on shitty shared servers to hosting on VPS's then dedi's. At HMSEF Peaks I had 4-5 servers hosting HMSEF, dedicated firewalls / WAF's. All thanks to the haters. I actually do mean thanks :)

Note to haters: Thanks! I'd get DDoS'd all the time, sometimes 2-3 attacks per day during a span of 2 months. I learned how to build redundant arrays of servers, how to mitigate DDoS attacks. Then learned how to have firewalls in place, to protect my servers and files / databases. Getting swatted tho wasn’t fun but hey it’s apart of the life right?

I can take pride in the fact that while I hosted HMSEF It was NEVER Hacked. Never. I get a laugh when I type HMSEF into Google and the 2nd result is “hmsef database”

I’m closing down HMSEF because I just don’t have the time for it anymore, I have many other web projects going on and sadly don’t have time for it.

If you’d like a piece of information maybe a PM or something Please email me below

I will NOT be selling the forum or domain, Any and all files will be securely wiped from our servers and my personal Hard drive. 2/28/2014

However, if anyone wished I will be selling the custom coded PIDGen, As well as our Amazon And New-egg receipt generators
I will be going into cyber security for the private sector and will always remember how I started and truthfully will be grateful for being able to run such a great forum. I’ve learned so much because of HMSEF and it’s made me into the person I’m today, surprising not as you might think mainly whitehat ;) For the most part anyway ;)

By the way, I really do think SEnet is run by Feds. - my opinion

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Shoutouts to Beast and Rushaan

I'd love to hear any comments or anything you'll have to say
Contact: [email protected]

- Always and forever Mr Undoubtable